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Bugbog Sarado

Tagalog Movie

The story opens with Brandon and Shy, negotiating for a lease of an old room owned by Stella.

Brix, a travelling salesman and Stella's live-in partner deals with the couple in behalf of the landlady.

Little do they know that inside the mysterious house lies a perplexed truth.

One night, Brandon is awakened by muffled sounds of screams and sobs. Recognizing it as Stella's voice, Shy restrains him from going to the master's bedroom to check.

As the days go by, more noises emanate from the bedroom.

After finding Stella emerge with fresh bruises, Brando becomes more curious to know the deeper indignities of the abuse.

At one point, Brandon unwittingly becomes witness to Stella's bedroom torments, and a series of puzzling slay and murder takes place.

"Bugbog Sarado" shapes up the frames of sadism and masochism.

It intensified the sounds of pain and protest in discovering the real encounters inside the bedroom of abused women.
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